Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Protocol confusion

Dating protocol – What is it? Is a manual nearby? At 26 years old I still don’t know a thing about dating protocol. This is partially why I don’t date. When I think about all the ends and outs or dos and don’ts, I get annoyed. I just can’t be bothered. Who has time to determine who calls whom first, or what is the appropriate waiting time to call someone after getting their number? I refuse to look needy after getting someone’s number. But I always don’t want to have him forget about me if I take too long to call. As a matter of fact who is supposed to ask for the number first?

What are the dating rules?

Don’t even get me started on playing hard to get. It’s not for me. Ma Dukes said the first time Papa Smurf called she acted like she didn’t know who it was. I’ve also been told to not seem too accessible. Don’t answer every time he calls. But what if I am available? Why go to all that trouble? Is there really a need to play games? Guys don’t play hard to get. Can’t I just follow that example?

One of the biggest things about dating protocol that confuses me is relationship status. Just how does one move up from dating to actual boyfriend and girlfriend? I had a boyfriend once. He used a Jedi mind trick to get me in a relationship. One day we argued about something. The next day we were in a relationship. To this day I still don’t know how it happened.

I blame my lack of dating knowledge on the fact that I chose the pursuit of academics and friends. I focused on school and hanging with my crew. Dating wasn’t really thought of until post-college. Friends say I have the dating mindset of a 16 year-old. Yes, I’m behind on the dating curve.

My home girl, Danity Kane, said at the end of the day there is no formula or official dating protocol. You just have to go with the flow between you and that person. Everything doesn’t apply to every situation. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I want to date and relate.

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