Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Hartwell Chronicles... Straight from the sidelines

“It smells like boy.”
That was the first thing I told the sports editor at the Soap and Towel Bowl.
I was at the high school’s spring football game for a little Friday night sports action and learning
I’ve never really been a football fan, but I enjoyed this game a lot better than the last one I went to.
I went to one other Hart County High School football game in the fall.
This was before I really knew anyone. So I sat in the bleachers all alone trying to look like I knew what was going on.
Well, I didn’t, for the most part.
Most of the football fundamentals escape me.
I know the basics like who the quarterback is or what TD means. But I don’t watch it enough to really care.
That’s going to change for next season.
I was the sport editor’s assistant at the spring game.
That’s right, ole San Antonia got to report from the sidelines.
It all started as a way to get into the game for free. A press pass is only good for actual work use.
So I worked.
We had a pretty good system going. He took the pictures and I wrote down all the plays, with his help of course.
There was a lovely article in this week’s paper written by him with the use of my notes.
I even know some football jargon now. But don’t ask me what it means. I’m not that good yet.
Now I think I’ve really caught the football bug.
If you’re standing on the sidelines, you can’t help but get caught up in all the football excitement.
Maybe that’s just the boost I needed to really get me into the game.
I should have caught football fever earlier. My dad is, after all, a football fanatic.
Sunday and Monday nights the TV is turned to the pros. Friday nights he’s at a high school game. Saturday is college game time.
He even use to coach a football team when my little brother played back in the day.
My house was on a football overload.
Come to think of it, my grandmother was a big fan, and my mom shares that trait too.
And of course you’re not a true Gator unless you watch some football.
I did semi become interested in football last season.
The sports editor and I did the pigskin picks in the paper.
Each week, he compiled a list of local high school, college and professional football match ups, and we picked what team would win and told why.
I finished with an honorable 79 wins to his 80. Not too shabby for someone that knows nothing.
With a little knowledge, I’ll be unstoppable.
People are going to see my face at more high school and rec league football games next year. Every little bit will help in improving my football knowledge.
TV commercials will soon be asking, “Are you ready for some football?”
I know I am.

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