Monday, July 7, 2014

Writing again

Many moons have passed since I last posted something. Honestly, I can't even blame it on my granny's passing because I had already started a sabbatical. I'll blame that on not having a laptop. Yes, poor Nettie went to her reward. Quite naturally it didn't help when Grandma Pearl went to her Heavenly home either.

For a while I wasn't writing anywhere - work, journal, online. It was as if the words just up and died within me. Depression had me only wanting to wear my grandma's duster and lay in the bed just looking at the walls. Reading wasn't even an activity I wanted to do.

Slowly but surely I have come out of my funk. I attribute it to grief counseling and my ever vigilant friends who made sure I didn't jump off a cliff (shout out to the fantastic Cee for "suicide watch). Let me state for the record Cee didn't think I was really going to commit suicide. But she did think I was going to just lay in the bed forever never to come out and play. It was certainly looking that way for awhile.

At any rate, I'm back. Granted, I still have my bad days, but they don't last for weeks on end. And I'm starting group therapy with grief counseling to help out too. Most of all I'm writing again. Grandma Pearl would want me to continue to do so. In her memory I will.