Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another PK rant

The PK struggle is real. I thought it got a little bit better once you're older, but folks keep doing things to irk me. Perhaps the problem is I don't call them out on it. I need to stop being passive and let them know how I feel. The main reason I don't really say anything when a person tries me is because I know I'm easily irritated and petty. It is my responsibility as a person with Irritable Personality Syndrome to not go off all the time. Honestly some of the things people say are jokes meant with no malice. But 30 plus years of the same bad jokes makes the hidden dragon come out.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I luh God but not today's gospel music

It's officially! I'm old. I was led to this conclusion after hearing "I luh God" by Erica Campbell for the first time. Actually in full disclosure, I did listen to the first 10 seconds a few months ago. I couldn't take it. Today I watched most of the music video. I hate the song. Like literally hate it. I remember joking with my friends a few weeks ago that Jesus did not die and rise again for us to sound like we're in the trap.