Friday, January 1, 2016

Have a Happy New Year

It's 2016 everyone! I blogged for seven days straight. This little social experiment is now over, but I am happy to each and every person who read (Sabrina and Cee).

I hope to post more this year, but no promises. Grad school will probably have me writing over time. My official  resolutions include:

lose weight (a carryover from last year)
add more variety to my reading list (not just historical romance novels)
stay focused in school and make Bs or better (because my job only reimburses Bs)
dye my hair (It's been black for 10 years)
send holiday cards (we're taking that after Thanksgiving photo if it kills me)
learn to ride a bike (seriously how can I still not ride)

It is my prayer that every one has a fantabulous 2016 that grows brighter and better with each passing day.

What are your resolutions?


  1. Congrats on doing what you said you would!
    It's funny because I am just now seeing this, and saw your FB picture with the new hair color:) Nice!

    In brief, I have 3 areas of resolutions (spiritual, financial, and physical). And so far I am off to a good start. Check back again in a few months though.