Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chronicles of Life … Game Over

I don’t like “The Game.” There I said it. Everybody, and their momma, was tuned into the Season 4 premier Tuesday – except for me. Even if I semi-liked BET, the Buffoonery Exists Today station, I still would not have watched “The Game.” They just have the most drama ever. THE. ABSOLUTE. MOST.

I tried to watch it. I really did. I got my first and only taste of “The Game” with my cousin during the marathon showing at the beginning of January. I tend to be a Johnny Come Lately for most shows. Blame it on a combination of a busy schedule and voracious reading appetite. I’m always busy at work and rarely just sit in front of the TV. I even cancelled my cable subscription while in Hartwell. Most of my free time is spent reading anyway. But I digress.

I caught the show in the middle of the second season. Now sometimes I am a cheerleader for foolishness, so two episodes in, I was hooked. The first one was about Malik’s female of the hour finding out he lived at home with his mother and Jason trying to host a Bible study to impress the new coach. Then Jason got Kelly’s brother kicked out of the house because she thought he was on drugs – when it was really Jason’s steroids.

But the next two episodes had me getting mad at the characters and their shenanigans. Derwin and Melanie were trying to patch up their relationship, but she attempted to sleep with his friend after thinking he was back to his cheating ways. NOT. COOL. AT. ALL. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Through her deception she got the friend caught up in their ensuing drama.

“I can’t watch this anymore,” I told my cousin. “She is making me mad, my pressure is going up and I will not be bothered.”

I was done. In just four episodes of the game I went from liking it to loving it and finally hating it. I saw snippets of two more episodes but just refused to get into it.

Here’s the thing: I am not a fan of drama be it fictional, unsolicited or imaginary. I might be a Drama Queen and deal in exaggeration here and now, but there is no ongoing drama in my life. “The Game” has that hardcore, he cheated on me, she’s my baby mama and we break up to make up drama. I don’t want that in my real life. Why would I want to watch that even in fake life? Pretty soon that stuff will start seeping into your subconscious. Before you know it your life is turning into an episode of “The Game.” “The Game” isn’t the first popular drama-filled show I shunned. I hate “Sex in the City” too. That whole nonsense with Big just made me want to punch a lobster.

In the past I did like several reality shows with too much drama. “Fantasia for Real,” “Flavor of Love” and “Charm School” were all dramatastic (is that a word?). I ate it up every week. But somewhere down the line I realized I just can’t be bothered. Drama makes my head hurt. I have enough headaches in my life without causing more unnecessarily. So I stopped watching all the drama (except for Glee which would work my nerves if it wasn’t for the songs).

When I watch TV, I want to laugh, be entertained or maybe even made to think. I do not want to start yelling, “ARE YOU FOO FOO THE FOOL?” at every single action of the main character. There are enough “Melanies” in the real world without having to deal with them in the fictional. Others may love “The Game” for its storyline and such. More power to you. Just don’t get all caught up in drama like that in your personal life. I’ll stick to “Martin” and “Living Single” reruns. No thank you BET. It’s Game Over for me.

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