Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love, Peace and Soul

Apparently I didn't post Feb. 1 on my blog. Here it is as it appeared on Facebook.

The Death Angel has struck again. First he took Etta James from us. This time he has taken the icon of soul himself, Don Cornelius. Who’s next Lord? ‘Tis a sad day of mourning in the land of all that is rhythm. My mother called to tell me the news earlier today. I had to take a moment to blast my old school music and dance on down a Soul Train line of one in his memory. It’s no fun having a Soul Train line with one person for the record. But this was for Don.

Soul Train has been an important part of society since its creation. Everyone knows a party just ain’t a party without at least one good Soul Train line. There was even one featured in a favorite holiday movie of mine, “This Christmas.” It’s just iconic like that. Much like Cornelius. Last time I was in a good Soul Train Line was at my homeboy’s wedding. My brother was supposed to go down the line with me, but he did the great fake out and left me alone. Despite that, I will always love dancing down a Soul Train line.

Last Week I watched an episode of Soul Train which featured Cheryl Lynn singing “Got to be Real.” Don Cornelius, back when his hair was still black, introduced her to the audience and she lip-synched her heart out (what you thought they were singing live all this time?). These two dancers were killing the moves, and I had some serious dance envy set in (watch the Asian chick and you too will feel like me). On Jan. 24 I tweeted, “Once upon a time I wanted to be a Soul Train dancer. OK so it was last week. #dontjudgeme.” Yes, I too could have been a Soul Train dancer … if I actually could dance (and maybe was born 20 years ago but we won’t think about that). Somehow I missed out on the dance genes in the family. I have two left feet. But hearing a good beat never stopped me from still attempting to dance. And it was hard to resist the lure of Soul Train, regardless of which year the episode was from. Good dance music is good dance music. When Soul Train came on you wanted to get down whether you were rhythm-less nation, like me, or twinkle toes on the dance floor.

Now that Don Cornelius is gone I feel my dream of making it on Soul Train must come to an end (never mind the fact the show’s been canceled). But I’ll shimmy on down a Soul Train line whenever possible. In honor of Don Cornelius’ passing I want you all to dance on down a Soul Train line too, no matter how bad, and keep these words in mind, “Love, Peace and Soul!” RIP Don Cornelius.

Who else likes dancing down a Soul Train line?

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