Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Play pimpin' ain't pimpin'

There are many types of people who irk me. I blame my irritable personality syndrome. But perhaps one type that really gets to me is a play pimp. A play pimp to me is anyone who is flaky, gives a lot of lip service but no action, has a bark but no bite and so forth.

We all could probably point out a play pimp or two. You know those friends who you make plans with and always back out at the last minute. Those are play pimps. Perhaps we're the play pimps. I definitely used to be one. I would talk a good game about how I was going to speak to some guy but lose my voice the moment he appeared.

In most cases my dealings with play pimps haven't really negatively effect me. It becomes a problem though when money is involved. I've mentioned before about my bachlorette party planning woes (parts I-VII) for my bestie since birth. Her bridesmaids are some major play pimps. And it has pissed me off to the highest level of pistivity possible.

They all have known since May what weekend the trip was, the cost and all these other details. So tell me why out of seven bridesmaids only two are going on the trip (two other non bridal party members are also attending). Up until money was due everyone (with the exception of she who was mentioned previously) was all about attending. Now people have all these excuses ranging from, "I can't take the time off" to "I can only make part of the weekend and need my fee prorated." I call BS on all of the excuses because they got a five page e-mail detailing every aspect of the trip. And no it's not prorated because it's not set up a la carte.

I'm so over these girls. Furthermore, I'm disappointed that I can't give my friend the party I envisioned because of these play pimps. I should have just took the two of us to Miami like I wanted. At least she could have partied where she wanted to be.

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