Friday, January 10, 2014

the call

One thing very important to me is my relationship with the Lord. Quite naturally I don’t take too kindly when someone mocks it. Such was the case the other day with a gentleman caller. I met him last Friday and a gas station. He was polite in his approach, so I gave him my number. Mistake one. Everyone who asks for your number doesn’t deserve it. Unfortunately I said in 2014 I would be less discriminating when it came to males. I graced him with the digits; despite the fact I could already tell he wasn’t my type. Sure he was attractive and didn’t sound like an idiot when speaking, but I still had the feeling I didn’t want to be bothered. I didn’t listen to that feeling. Mistake two.

He called the next day, and the conversation, to say the least, was very exhausting. I shouldn’t feel exhausted after my first phone encounter with someone. What I gained from the conversation was he has a child, isn’t down with Jesus and thinks I’m wasting my time being celibate. That was enough for me to know we were not on the same page. Just in case I needed further proof, his call on Wednesday further cemented the fact iCan’t  be bothered with the likes of him.

Literally after I said hello, he started mocking the fact I go to church. And that was just the beginning. Next thing I know he was all but yelling at me. He kept saying what I believed didn’t make sense and asking questions but not allowing me to answer before trying to discredit the entire Gospel and Christianity. I’m no idiot when it comes to the Word and can hold my own in talking about my faith. Yes, I believe that Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins and rose again on the third day with all power in His hand.  Yes, I believe in the holy trinity. But I shouldn’t have to talk over you to have my say and answer the questions you so snidely asked. I found it funny he would something was in the Bible, yet when I asked him specifically to point out where, his response was, “I don’t know because somebody else showed it to me. You must haven’t read your Bible if you don’t know.” Oh no sir, I’ve read the Bible, which is why I know when you’re making things up.

 Finally it came out that he was Muslim, and I asked which branch. His words were, “I follow the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, but not him as a man.” Now that doesn’t make any sense!  I let him know I didn’t appreciate the aggressive manner in which he approached me, considering this was only our second conversation and I hadn’t even said anything to provoke it. His response was I must be used to people sugar coating things or speaking in a soft, passive manner to me. Not once did I raise my voice when speaking, but the entire time he was on a level 10.

The minute the call ended I deleted his number (again). I deleted it after our first conversation, but he called back and I didn’t want it saved in my call log. As much as it irritated me at the time, I can’t help but laugh at this experience. If nothing else, it further resolved my goal of continuing to deepen my relationship with the Lord. There are people who will attack you for what you believe. If you don’t really know what you believe, they’ll have you second guessing. I think he got the picture that I’m not some little girl who isn’t firm in her faith and strong in her beliefs.


  1. I mean, really he was over the top. Why do men even ask for the phone number? What if you had gone off about him having a child? It was a blessing you were able to be calm, because I was getting mad just reading this. Thankfully, there are plenty more fish in the ocean:)

    1. He really was! I just have no country for over the top men.