Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chronicles of Life ... the barefoot walker

It’s been a while since I’ve walked. I don’t mean across the street and back, but like two and three miles.

In college, I participated in March of Dimes (once even with a broken foot) and the MLK Day march each year. While in Hartwell, I occasionally walked on Lake Hartwell’s dam and in Hart State Park when the weather was just right. Then I got lazy, real lazy. It’s probably been a good year since I walked.

Tomorrow that ends. I walk again to “Light The Night” for my little brother.

Light The Night Walk is a fundraising and awareness event hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. People walk in the evening to honor those that have battled blood cancers.

My mom always participated in Light The Night with her job just to do some community service.

It really hit home and became important after my brother was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma in May. This year she decided to branch off from her job and form a team too. Team Amp is made up of friends and family. My brother, Amp (aka Anthony, A.J., The Boy, Brother, Monday, AQ and Brethren) is the official team spokes model, mascot, figurehead, whatever. I know some people on the team, but many more are friends of my mom. Whether we know each other or not, we all have one reason in common for walking: my brother.

Initially there were some discrepancies between him and my mother about who was the team captain. He wanted the title. However, when she told him he could go to all the team meetings he settled for letting her be captain.

I’ve been excited about Light The Night since the team was formed. I was supposed to do some training for the walk, but never quite got around to it. Hopefully, I don’t pass out. Then again, how bad can two miles really be? I think I should be fine as long as I don’t run. A few team members have said they’re going to run. More power to them. I might die. Besides, it’s called the “Light The Night Walk” not "Light The Night Run." I will briskly walk from start to finish.

The team has been formed, the money’s been raised. All that’s left to do now is just walk. But first I need some sneakers. Yes, I have none. One pair, leftovers from college, fell apart. I lost another in New Orleans. Somehow I broke the third pair. Between now and Thursday night I need to buy sneakers.

And I need a walking outfit too. I have absolutely nothing to wear. I can’t just put on jeans and a T-shirt. I need to be comfortable.

Why did I wait until the last minute for all of this? I had several months to get it together. I need to get shoes quick, fast and in a hurry like. Otherwise Team Amp will have one barefoot member.

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