Friday, March 18, 2011

Now introducing ... television

There was a time when I didn’t watch television. It started during my college years because I was too busy to watch TV. I missed out on hit shows such as “Lost” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” Then Cee introduced me to Hulu and all that changed. I finally didn’t have to worry about watching the exact air date. Instead I could watch my shows online.

I started watching several of my shows mid-series. They didn’t require knowing too much back history to understand the dynamics of the show.

“The Simpsons”
My first experience with this show was watching the movie in 2007. It makes me smile.

“Family Guy”
I absolutely love Stewie and Brian. Their back and forth relationship keeps me grinning.

“The Office”
Michael Scott – the man you love and hate at the same time. I watch this show because of him.

Shawn and Gus have one of the best bromances of all times. Not to mention they’re both adorable.

Last year I decided to expand my horizons and ride the wave with several new shows. Some of my favorites were canceled (R.I.P. “Eastwick” and “Dollhouse”) but the rest have survived the chopping block.

The bromance between Abed and Troy is perhaps the second best of all times. Watch out “Psych.”

“Parks and Recreation”
There is something about Leslie Knopes’ character that reminds me of myself. She’s socially inept but loveable.

For the love of music, they sing in this show. Cee bought me several of the albums from the show and I absolutely love it.

“The Event”
This is for the Sci-Fi lover in me. The first episode had me so caught up I couldn’t stop watching.

“The Cleveland Show”
Sometimes this show has me laugh even harder than “Family Guy.”

“Modern Family”
Dysfunctional families telling their tales to the camera. What’s not to love?

The main link between the majority of the shows I watch is comedy. I like to laugh. Only one really makes me think, “The Event.” My time of TV watching is a chance to escape life with a laugh here and there. Thanks to the wonders of Hulu I can keep the laughs coming forever more.


  1. Would you believe I just logged into my site (out of the blue) and found a discussion I started where I asked people to post their websites and you posted this site? I'm glad I found this place again.

    Anyway, you named all my favorite shows except glee. The should start from season one if you can. They paved the way for Family Guy :)


  2. Yay me! Yay Essence! Yay Mr. Chap. Glee was way better last season but I still enjoy it. Yeah without the Simponsons there would be no Family Guy or any of the others.