Friday, December 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Memories: Week 6 & 7

It’s been a very memorable week 6 and 7 on my quest to 52 memories. Because I’m sick and dying (the death angel is after December folks) this will be a brief post.

Week 6 I volunteered at Dignity U Wear in Jacksonville on Saturday. The organization sends out clothing donations to the less fortunate through groups across the nation. Volunteers help sort inventory for the organization. While there I met a new friend. In my opinion it’s much harder to make new friends, especially if you’re a female, after college. And not everyone really knows how to take me. I’m so fully of energy, but I can be a little off-putting with my overly bubbliness. All that is a post for another day. Nonetheless, I connected with this other girl while volunteering. She’s new to Jacksonville and only been here about four months. I was wondering if we would exchange numbers, and we did. Hopefully we get to hang before I leave.

Week 7 I went to a birthday celebration for my good friend Cat on Wednesday. My brother joined me for the dinner at this swanky restaurant. It took us forever to get there, mainly because I was lost and don’t listen to directions. Too many words confuse me and then I start tuning you out. Eventually my natural navigation system took over. Score one for me. Dinner was great. We laughed and joked with her family and boyfriend. Then part 2 of the night was karaoke. I absolutely love karaoke. I only officially sung one song (This is how we do it), but I was in the background for the majority of them. While leaving this girl stopped me to rave about how great my hair was. She’s natural too but says her hair is at the awkward stage where it’s longer than a teeny weeny afro but too short to do anything with. I remember those days. I survived by just keeping it twisted. We exchanged numbers too. Hopefully I made another friend.

The downside about the last few days is my lingering sickness from about two weeks ago caught up with me. Thursday I woke up with hardly a voice. Friday I woke up with none. It looks like I’m going to be sick for Christmas. Sad face.

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