Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's my age again?

Can someone please remind me of my age? I can’t seem to make it stick in my mind, and it’s starting to affect my goal setting.
No. 1 goal, finish my list.

The other day I wrote 14 goals for 2014. Amid the usual goals – travel, lose weight, read 130 books – I added “work on 30 Goals by 30 List.” It seemed like a good idea to work on part of the list in 2014 and complete the rest in 2015. And then it hit me: I TURN 30 IN 2014! I need to FINISH the list by December 2014, not 2015 as so erroneously thought. That is now my only goal for 2014. The sad thing is I haven’t even completed a third of the list since creating it last year. Time has just moved by a little too quickly. Actually I kept putting it off because I thought I had three years until 30 instead of two.  I made the list when I was 27. Unfortunately, I turned 28 the next day. That messed up my schedule.
My birthday has always thrown me off when it comes to my age. Being born at the end of the year will do that to you. Somehow I pushed my birthday a whole year back. Now I have to set things right. Plus it doesn’t help having so many close friends who are younger than me.  One hasn’t turned 28 yet. Another two just turned 28 a few months ago. Don’t even bother to ask my play cousin’s age. At least there are a couple others who will join the “Dirty 30” club within a few days of me.
It’s time for me to hit the ground running with this list; otherwise I’ll never finish it in time. Honestly, at least two things probably won’t get checked off. I envisioned them happening in 2015 when I made the list. Maybe I should remove them as goals, but you never know how life might play out. My list is hardly overly ambitious with goals such as take a vacation alone. But I’m going to have to do more than just sit in the house and read to complete the list. I refuse to turn 30 without knowing how to ride a bike. That goal will be completed if nothing else.
What goals did you set before a birthday milestone? Who’s helping me with my list next year?

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