Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another PK rant

The PK struggle is real. I thought it got a little bit better once you're older, but folks keep doing things to irk me. Perhaps the problem is I don't call them out on it. I need to stop being passive and let them know how I feel. The main reason I don't really say anything when a person tries me is because I know I'm easily irritated and petty. It is my responsibility as a person with Irritable Personality Syndrome to not go off all the time. Honestly some of the things people say are jokes meant with no malice. But 30 plus years of the same bad jokes makes the hidden dragon come out.

This edition of the PK Chronicles has its roots in church (don't they all). Recently I attended services at a visiting church where my dad was the guest speaker. He of course acknowledge the entire family, and after the service we chatted and greeted several people. The service was followed up by a scrumptious meal, and I was feeling mighty happy, feeling mighty fine by that point. It was until I was just about to leave someone irritated me.

I was chatting with this one woman when she said, "So you're the PK?" Then sister girl began making the sign of the Cross. I think she even said, "Back, back." She thought it was funny. I just got annoyed and walked off. To some, this might seem like a harmless joke, but she was close to getting read like a bestseller. I do not discriminate. I will pop off (sans cussing) in a church.  Her actions mimicked what people do when trying to ward off evil creations, particularly demons. I'm no demon. Just because my father is a preacher does not mean I'm any worse than any other child. As a matter of fact, I'm not a child. I'm an adult, and a fairly lame one at that. Don't assume about me.

At my age, things like this shouldn't bother me. But since I can remember all I've heard is comments like "Preacher's children are always the worse," or "I bet you're bad and wild." Comments like that are very hurtful to a child, and leave lasting scars. It wasn't like I was doing anything bad at the moment for her to bust out with that. I was just minding my business and walking to the car.

I'm going to start a support group for PKs, so I can help the young (and old) learn how to deal with ignorant comments. Maybe I'll also write a couple of books on this topic: "Diary of a Mad Black PK" or "For PKs who've considered homicide when the comments are enough."

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