Saturday, April 9, 2011

A time to assert

Sometimes I can be passive in addressing a situation. I’m not a doormat that allows people to walk all over me. Yet I often let people get away with saying or doing certain things that thoroughly irk me such as touching my hair, getting in my personal space or mispronouncing my name.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people insulting my job. It amazes me how people will insult where I work to my face while shaking my hand and smiling. Usually I let it slide, much like I do with everything else. Now I’m starting to see the power in asserting myself. I blame the heat. My irritable personality syndrome starts flaring up when it gets warm. Saturday was just too hot to put up with an insult, even if it was a joke.

A regular smack talker about my job saw me and said the usually jab. This time I called him out on it.

“Sir, I don’t insult where you work and would appreciate if you showed the same courtesy to me,” I said.

“Oh I’m just joking Miss Reporter lady,” he replied. “I’m not talking about you personally.”

“Yeah, well when you say things like that I take it personal, and it doesn’t help motivate me in my work.”

Apparently he felt really bad after our little exchange and thought I was upset (more like annoyed from the heat). He apologized for past insults and vowed to not say them to me anymore. I should have thrown a few tears in for good measures to make him feel even worse (just kidding).

It felt good to finally stand up for myself. Why is it so hard to do that all the time? Perhaps it’s because I think the issues might seem minor to most people. Why bother getting into a tizzy over something small? But what might seem minor to someone else could be major to you. Besides a person might not genuinely know they’re doing something wrong much. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. It is my duty to speak up when things bother me. If I don’t stand up and assert myself for me, neither can anyone else.


  1. I live in a town full of closed-minded people. NO ONE understood when I used to do the Mr. Chap Morning Show every day, they don't understand why my music doesn't sound like the crap they play on the radio down here, and they didn't understand why I'm so into journalism - until I found out why this building in the "downtown" area has a swastika on it. Half of the people didn't even notice it, and the other half could never find out where it came from. I did the research and found out exactly why it's there and why after numerous attempts to find out the truth at city-council meetings, I couldn't get a straight answer.


    Not that my opinion is the "end-all", but I told you that you're doing what I want to do. Be proud of your job and maintain the integrity.

    You'll have to let me check you out sometime.


  2. Sometimes at the end of the day integrity is all you have.