Friday, November 4, 2011

What’s your species?

The cheetah hunts the gazelle. Not the other way around.
I am a gazelle – at least in my mind when it comes to dating and relating. Sometimes I wish more men would realize they’re a cheetah in the equation, particularly the ones interested in me. It would make things so much easier in the dating process. I’ve never been one to chase after a man. I fully believe he should be the pursuer in the relationship: the unequivocal cheetah to my gazelle.

Picture a scene of a gazelle running with her herd in the African savannah. The gazelle stops to eat several plants and leaves when he appears, the cheetah. He is hungry for the hunt and carefully stalks his prey. Madame Gazelle tries to run away with a speed of 60 miles per hour, but she is no match for Monsieur Cheetah, the fastest creature alive. He quickly gives chase and goes in for the kill. Fresh gazelle is on the dinner menu tonight. All is right in the animal kingdom.

Who am I to go against the very hierarchy of the animal world? Therefore I will settle for nothing less than a cheetah. Unfortunately my definitive stance has some drawbacks. My friend extraordinaire, Cee, often says “you let him get away,” regarding guys I’ve semi-liked. There was always interest on both parts, but nothing ever came to fruition. Well it’s their fault. They didn’t attack, like a cheetah. I am not the lioness hunting a water buffalo for the pride. If I’m a gazelle they were springboks, another creature in the antelope family. We can’t both be the prey in the equation. Then who’s pursuing who?

Perhaps if I were a more aggressive woman I would be a lioness and take total control in potential dating situations. But a girl like me prefers to be wooed and pursued. Not every woman is meant to be a gazelle. I think it’s important to know where you fit in the animal kingdom in terms of dating. Obviously a self-help guide of some sort is needed. I can see my bestseller: “Be a gazelle: knowing your species in the dating kingdom.” Cee suggests disguising it as a fiction novel. Fiction meets self-help. I can dig it.


  1. Nah, don't change your approach. Just doing what you're doing is enough for someone to want to pursue you.

    Being more aggressive will just put another category of people on your radar.

    Hope that makes sense.


  2. Please believe no change is a coming this way. Plus I like being a gazelle!