Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reunion Buddies Wanted

Sorry that my Writing Wednesday posts were on hiatus for so long. I was sick, on spring break and a tad bit lazy. Now I’m back. I owe the WW pot at least $100. No more breaks are planned for the future.
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Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was a goofy high school freshman. Now I’m a goofy adult. Several weeks ago I was telling my friend, Ebonita, how 2012 marks five years since we’ve graduated from college. It made me think of another approaching milestone– our 10 year high school graduation anniversary in 2013. At first I was all excited because that means a class reunion is coming. Then I realized I need a reunion buddy. Reunions are no fun without one.

Reunion buddies are a necessity when attending an event of this magnitude. You need at least one of the two types of reunion buddies: the school bud and the outside bud. School buds are classmate friends you kept in contact with over the years. You need someone to talk to about all those great (or not so great) high school memories, jokes and so on. Already I have several school buds in mind. That reunion buddy is covered. Unfortunately you can’t monopolize your school bud’s time if they have a plus one attending the reunion. No one wants to be the third wheel or sixth toe for their school bud. And what if, gasp, none of your school buds attend the reunion? Do you just stay home alone?

That is why having an outside bud is important. The outside bud is usually a person who knew you aside from high school. Spouses and significant others automatically count as outside buds. But what happens if you’re single like me? One possible idea is to just bring a friend along. I told Ebonita she could be my reunion buddy, but she’s trying to worm her way out of it. If none of my other home girls agree to be my outside bud, I might have to resort to placing an ad in the newspaper. I can see it now: “Class Reunion Buddy Wanted (No Joke). Contact me for more information.” Actually that just sounds like a bad idea. The responder could be some psycho.

If all else fails, I could get a second school bud who is also attending the reunion solo. Unfortunately, I didn’t maintain contact that well with any classmates who might come sans a plus one. Perhaps if I start now I could try re-establishing a bond. I’ve got a good year and some months before the reunion. I’ll start off with a random Facebook wall post followed by a message saying “let’s call each other sometime buddy.” And then I’ll reel them in with my awesome friendship skills. Voila, a reunion buddy will be found. Simple enough, right? I hope so because I refuse to not attend my class reunion (I already missed the five year one). The time is now to campaign for a reunion buddy.

Have you been to any class reunions? Did you have a reunion buddy? Anyone want to be my reunion buddy?

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