Thursday, March 8, 2012

The old young person

As I type these words I am so sleepy.

Am I really only 27? Some days I feel at least 67. It’s not necessarily because of aches and pains. But some of my habits and interests make me feel that way. The little things keep pointing more and more to the fact that I’m getting older.

The first sign was how I go to bed so early. There was a time I could stay up until the sun was out for several nights in a row. But now I’m pushing it if I’m up beyond 11 p.m. Just today the need for sleep hit me at 9:30 p.m. I couldn’t wait to see my bed.

Then I started feeling the urge to yell at the young lads to pull their britches up. I do not want to see their Spider Man underwear and have no problem telling them. That’s when I get the grouchy old lady voice and say, “Pull up your pants son.” Unfortunately that causes me to think about what I just said. Son? Really? Some of the boys I yell at aren’t even 10 years younger than me.

Even my musical interests are reflecting an older taste. For the most part my radio is set to the Old School station. I need a little Cheryl Lynn, Isley Brothers and Patti LaBelle to make it through the day. Same the Wacka Flocka, Tyga and Future for the young whipper snappers. Speaking of whipper snappers, who under the age of 70 actually uses that term? Me! Is this really what my life has come to? I’m so old.

Perhaps old isn’t the correct term. I think I’m just maturing in nature. I crave a little bit more substance in my music beyond what the teenyboppers listen to. That’s not to say their music is bad, but it is meant for a different audience. No sane person should be OK with seeing a stranger’s underwear. It should offend you regardless of your age. And maybe, just maybe, I get sleepy earlier because I get up earlier (work starts at 8 a.m.). I’ve always needed my 10 hours of sleep to thrive. It should be expected to mature in certain aspects of life at some point. I can live with that. Unlike Jay-Z I don’t want to be forever young. One has to grow-up at some point. Besides whenever I need a youthful boost, I’ll just simply pull out my Clawdeen Wolf Doll or Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Book.

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