Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the bad week

I wish I was only having a bad day.
Every now and then we all have a bad day. From sunup to sundown nothing seems to go right. Usually you can take solace in the fact that everything will be better tomorrow (you can bet your bottom dollar). But what happens when it’s a longer period of time, like a week? I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Not an hour. Not a day. A whole week.

It all started Sunday. While backing out my car from the movie theater this old man hit my car. Mind you I was right behind him. Had he bothered to look before backing out he would have seen me. I even blasted my horn to make him stop (he didn’t). Now the Green Machine has a nice little dent in the door.
I thought that was the worse of my troubles, but on Monday I went to the doctor for a lingering cough and left with an earache. It’s a long story. Just know that Q-tips are the devil when it comes to cleaning your ears.  Even my Tuesday morning started off bad. After getting blood work done I closed my finger in the car door.
Things continued to go from bad to worse. I discovered the hotel for my upcoming family reunion in St. Augustine (Holiday Inn Express) doesn’t have our contract on file. Nor do they have any suites available as promised. And they already reserved the conference room for another organization. The worse part is the manager just wasn’t trying to work with me. As a result our conversation got heated. I may have told her, “Someone is going to get me a meeting space.” She may have said “I won’t be threatened, and “You’re not going to speak to me in a condescending manner.” I may have retorted, “If you think this is condescending then you don’t know the definition of the word.” That verbal battle pushed me over the edge.
This can’t be life.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a bad week. At this point I just want to hide out in my room and cry while singing Negro spirituals. Or move to Australia. It’s already tomorrow there. If I leave now I can make it there by Friday (their Saturday). My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week will be one step closer to ending.

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