Saturday, January 5, 2013

Love, marriage and a baby carriage

Is there something in the water? Everyone seems to either be a) getting engaged, b) getting married or c) having a baby. I can't log on Facebook without seeing an announcement about a friend joining one of those categories. It's enough to drive a single girl crazy, and I am not liking that at all.

The trend of my friends and acquaintances starting the love, marriage and baby carriage chapters in life seemed to become more prevalent within the last year. Perhaps it's to be expected at this point in life. As of Sunday I am now 28, and most of my friends fall within the 22-30 range, which is a prime time to make major moves. Unfortunately I haven't been following the rest of the cool kids and cultivating relationships that lead anywhere. Someone from the Pride and Prejudice era would consider me an old maid at this point.

I genuinely am happy when I see each of these major announcements, but some do make me wonder. Mainly those from people who are WAY younger than me. I've had at least two former mentees get engaged or pregnant. These children aren't even 20! Clearly I am far behind the learning curve.

In due time I believe God will let me join the ranks of those getting engaged, married and having a baby (if it's in His will). Right now it's simply not my time. That's not such a bad thing considering how many other people are at center stage. When I finally do join the love, marriage and baby carriage club it will probably be so far off from the rest that the spotlight will solely shine on me. That's something I won't mind at all.