Wednesday, January 23, 2013

word problems

Everything is better with friends.
I have a confession to make: I suck at word games. Yes, it is a sad but true fact. My word game skills are severely lacking, despite being a spelling bee champion, avid reader and former wordsmith. Scrabble is never a board game you will hear me suggest playing. The Upwords game I had as a child was enjoyed by all of my family members, except me. The knowledge of my poor word game skills should make me stay away from all of them, right? Wrong.

I blame the iPhone. I just had to download the Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends apps. Of course once you download people want to play a game. Hopefully none of them had hopes of playing a world class word gamer. After just one word or round it was quite apparent who would be the winner - not me. One friend beat me by 200 points on Words With Friends. My Scramble With Friends score was 305 to 2062. Basically I was killed in both games.

Why didn't I stick to simple apps like Temple Run 2? Before it was a little known fact that I'm a massive fail when it comes to word games. Once upon a time I hosted a Singles Awareness Day Party that involved, much to my distress, a game of Scrabble. I lost horribly to the shock of the other partygoers. It's really hard for me to just come up with complex words that give 10 or more points. I stick to simple ones. And I can't just find a gazillion words without some word list. Is there a game that's just unscrambling words? I would be much better at that. Any other word games will just give me problems.

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