Thursday, July 25, 2013

Party Planning Woes Part II

Unfortunately I ended one problem only to be faced with countless others. Perhaps I should have listened to Lynn and reduced the cost. Most of the bridal party told Mya they weren’t going because the price was too expensive if it wasn’t all inclusive. Mya even told me she wouldn’t pay that much for a trip and that my other friends and I have expensive taste.

Clearly none of them have ever been to Miami. I have, and it’s not cheap. Also, I barely make any money. All of the other bridesmaids except for maybe one make way more than me. I will say this; the $500 wasn’t due to me, just a deposit to secure the hotel rooms and other things that needed to be paid in advance. The cost let them know basically how much to anticipate spending for the weekend. I hate going on trips without a budget estimation.

As a result I started getting frustrated with the planning because everyone began telling Mya about all the details. They all were supposed to be keeping it a secret. And she kept coming back to me with soandso said this, or soandso said that. Why couldn’t the soandsos just call me to share their concerns? Apparently they didn’t know how I would take it or felt like they knew me well enough to call. Whatever! I never came across as unapproachable.

I really wanted Miami to happen but it was not to be. The trip has been changed to Orlando with Mya knowing most of the details such as the cost ($150) and one of the activities (Sea World). I became frustrated again when I discovered one of the activities I had planned for the weekend Mya decided to host on her own during the wedding week. But eventually I got over it.

Everyone was supposed to give a verbal RSVP by July 8, which almost everyone did except for Lynn and one other bridesmaid. Lynn finally contacted me for the first time since April on July 10.

To be continued ...

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