Monday, July 29, 2013

Party Planning Woes Part IV

Lynn: You having an attitude and being short is rude and unprofessional. I’m trying to speak to you and ask you questions and resolve issues. If you’re having a bad day say so but please don’t give off the impression that what Mya’s friends think, need and want as it relates to the biggest day of Mya’s life is miniscule to you.

At this point I began Part I of my cussing spree while talking to my bestie Danity Kane on the phone. I typically don't cuss. She made me that mad. I called Lynn everything but a child of God. She came for me like a vulture seeing roadkill and I was not about to stand for that. As a result I sent Mya a message saying, “Check your friend before I do. She does not want to come at me today.” She responded, “Don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ll deal with whatever tomorrow. Night. Whatever it is don’t feed into it.”

Lynn: I know you have been working hard in the project and I respect everything you have done. But all I have done at this point was ask questions and see where I can help. I’m not trying to step on your toes or be rude.

All I did was answer your questions. And too late you’re already rude.

Me: Maybe I should have stated a little more clearly that while the price does include Sea World and the hotel, also built in is a portion of other costs such as Mya’s meals and so forth. Mya indicated that the cost could be split among everyone going to the theme park to level the price as fair as possible. Therefore the breakdown is $60 for the park $70 for the hotel and $20 for miscellaneous. At the end of the day I’m concerned about Mya reaching her goal of having a great weekend with all her friends together in one place. Mya wants everyone together at all times so she can have priceless moments with all of her closest friends on her celebration weekend. Please let me know what you want to contribute toward the weekend.

I told Mya from the beginning that Sea World would not be a fair expense since some people (teachers and military) can get in free and others can’t and she suggested the above about splitting the costs. It took a lot to write this response without telling Lynn how I really felt. Luckily I was talking to Danity Kane at the time. Otherwise I would have read Lynn like a New York Times bestseller. Needless to say she did not respond.

To be continued ...

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