Saturday, July 27, 2013

Party Planning Woes Part III

What follows next is our text conversation (with my thoughts):

Lynn: Hey Hun I am so sorry about being out of touch. I have seriously been beyond busy with work and everything. It’s not an excuse but if we can text that wil …(at this point the message is cut off). I haven’t received an e-mail from you so can you brief me on everything via text?

Cry me a river about being busy with work. I’m busy too but I didn’t just go ghost. And yes you didn’t receive an e-mail because when I asked all the bridal party to send their addresses, you neglected to do that as well.

Me: The trip is Nov. 1-3 in Orlando. The cost is $150 which includes the hotel suite and a ticket to Sea World which is due early October. All additional expenses are on your own, but a price list will be included with the schedule to be mailed after payment, and RSVPs are needed ASAP with mailing address included.

This conversation began while I was at Bible Brain Bowl practice with the church youth.

Lynn: Which hotel is it?

Me: TBD based on how many RSVP.

Lynn: Have you planned any activities or can I help with that?

Yeah the same way you helped before with the planning.

Me: I have but suggestions are welcome.

Lynn: Ok I’ll send you my ideas by Friday. Which night are we clubbing, Friday or Saturday?

Me: Both.

Lynn: Okie dokie can I do clubs? Oh and I won’t need a Sea World ticket, so can I have my price adjusted without it please?

Me: Mya wants to go to City Walk one night and get the total access pass and the other she wants to be in VIP which is also the night she wants everyone in a little black dress. She said Church Street clubs are good and she prefers clubs with white folks and not hood. The fee is $150 regardless. It will go toward other costs.

Lynn: OK so since I have to pay for my flight you guys can plan for me not to stay at the hotel. I’m going to stay with my best friend and meet you guys at the events. And how come Mya knows about everything? Have you checked on group rates and wedding party rates everywhere for the day events? Besides Sea World what are the other day events.

You knew you had to pay for the flight and the activities. If you can’t afford to do it all, then STAY HOME! And don’t go questioning me about every single detail. You should have helped with the planning if you cared that much.

Me: The cost would still be $150 regardless of if you stay there or not. It’s not set up a la carte. There are not enough people attending for a group rate on Sea World tickets. The day activities are free with the exception of Sea World and will be revealed when the schedule is sent out. The night activities, such as the club/City Walk as well as meals are not free nor do they have group rates associated.

Lynn: Well babe you said $150 was for the room and Sea World tickets. I get into Sea World free, and I’m staying with a friend. People don’t need to pay in advance for City Walk tickets. I’m the only one that has to pay for a flight coming out of town. It may sound inconvenient for the group, but me paying for things I don’t need is an inconvenience to me.

Me: Ok do what you got to do.

And what did I say that for? This is where ish hit the fan!

To be continued ...

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