Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Usually when I see a Facebook question I don’t respond with my two cents. I’ll observe without getting involved. But the other day I had to give my input when I saw this post from someone who attends my dad’s church:

Why is it that most Pastor kids have more issues than anybody Every time I get on FB, ISSUES. See u in the streets ISSUES. On the altar ISSUES. Just too many ISSUES, SMH.....Just something I want to know …

All my life I’ve heard PKs are worse than anyone else. Excuse me for living. People have been insulting us for far too long. So on behalf of every PK I responded:

Why are PKs always getting called out for being bad, having issues and so forth? My father was the one who received the calling, not me. But because of his position, everything I do is unfairly scrutinized. You could say the children of actors, lawyers and psychiatrists have issues too. Really the question could be why do Christians in general, or those reared by Christian parents, have more issues than everyone? Yes PKs have “issues.” Why? Because we are human too, which unfortunately most people seem to forget. Pastors are NOT demigods, and neither are their children. Stop putting us on a pedestal and placing unrealistic expectations on us, and then you won't have to worry about our issues. I am not the poster child for perfection anymore than you are, and to expect such out of me, or rather any PK, is an unfair double standard. The only person I know without “issues” got up on a cross and died for all sins. Also, unless you know every single PK in the world it is an unqualified generalization to use the term “most.” Some do have issues and liberally showcase it to the world. Not all.

Apparently I came across a little too strong, because one of the people with the poster (it was a trio together) said she meant no harm with the post. They were just being comical. It wasn’t funny to me. Perhaps I did take it a little too personal, but ignorance is bliss. One person in the trio was a PK. Maybe the statement was based on some inside joke. In that case keep it inside. She asked a question, and I gave her an answer. It just wasn’t what she expected.

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