Friday, August 30, 2013

Tell me your name

Is it bad I don’t know anyone’s name at church? I’ve been a member since January but still couldn’t tell you the names of half the people who attend. OK to be fair, there are quite a few people I do know, such as the youth, those who serve on the same ministries as me and several others. But that’s maybe 50 people. Hundreds attend the church. I always have to ask, “Who is that?” when someone mentions a name. There is only one possible solution to help my dilemma: name tags!

Imagine how awesome it would be if everyone wore a name tag at church. Folks could greet each other with a first name instead of, “Hi my sister,” or “Hello my brother.” I need the usher ministry to start passing name tags out along with fans. Then I wouldn’t have to fumble like an idiot when trying to introduce my parents to fellow members.

It was a sad sight at the church picnic in May. My parents came, and I might have introduced them to three people. I didn’t know any names (or in some cases I might have forgotten them). They were at the church again a few weeks ago. I gave them a warning this time, “Don’t expect introductions because I still don’t know anyone.”

Of course I speak to people even if I don’t know their names. I know faces quite well. Only the names elude me. It makes me feel embarrassed when others know my name but I don’t know theirs. I don’t want folks to feel unimportant. I’m just bad with names, or I never learned it in the first place.

I don’t remember how I learned everyone’s name at the church I attended as a teen. Knowing me it probably took a few years. Also that church was smaller. It was probably easier to learn names.

When new members join, everyone forms a line to come shake their hand. That would be the perfect time to say, “Tell me your name.” You can shake someone’s hand and see their name tag at the same time. But I’ve already joined. Is it too late for a do over?

What do you think about church name tags? Or am I the only one who doesn’t know anyone’s name at church?

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