Thursday, August 1, 2013

Party Planning Woes Part VI

Mya: Like I really want everyone I invited to come and participate. I really want everyone to get along point blank period. I know you’ve been salty with the entire planning and aggravated with everyone but don’t let it show. I feel both of you guys could have been a little nicer to one another. But it is what it is.

Me: Please let me know when I was rude to her? More so please let me know when I have been salty to everyone else? I’ve been nothing but nice to everyone but it is irritating that all I seem to get is negative feedback.

Mya: She also told me that she would find the club but didn’t think you wanted her to do it

Me: I told her suggestions were welcomed and sent her info on what we discussed so she can drop that whole she didn’t think I wanted her to help, despite the fact she said she would help with hotels before and went ghost.

Me: I think we need to talk in person to finalize plans for your weekend so we’re on the same page. I’m in town this weekend.

At this point I did not respond to anything else because I was in a place of pain and anger, and that wouldn’t have been productive.

Mya: Like this is really more that I want to deal with. I said that both of you could have been nicer but when texting it can sound very cut and dry and that goes for everyone. We can get together this weekend. You’re doing a great job but it was a few issues with price. Now that’s taken care of everything is fine.

Mya: By teaching kids you have to look at the perspective of the other person because everyone sees things differently. I’ve talked to her about her going missing yesterday and she said she was going to talk to you. The only reason I’ve been discussing these things with you is because you’re my MOH and I don’t want any issues between you and anyone. I’m glad you took the higher road but some things you have to ignore and not let it bother you. No one should pay for a hotel they’re not staying at.

To be continued ...

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