Saturday, August 3, 2013

Party Planning Woes Part VII

Of course that meeting with Mya didn't happen. It was completely my fault. I ignored her calls from Thursday until Sunday night. I did half-heartedly call on Saturday, but she didn't answer, and I hung up without leaving a message. I was actually busy most of that weekend which is why I missed a few of the calls. But honestly I just didn’t want to talk to her. I avoid confrontation at all costs (which is a post for another day) As a result Mya sort of told me off via text message. I didn’t really read the messages because I knew she was hurt and upset. This was the first major disagreement we’ve had in our 28 years of knowing each other.

 Mya also called Danity Kane to find out what happened to me. Mind you they don’t know each other, and she had to get the number from another mutual friend. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Nonetheless I called in for a conference call, and Danity Kane acted as moderator for our lemon squeeze. I genuinely apologized for my disappearing act. Good thing for me Mya is a forgiving soul. Now we’re cool again.

It was definitely low down of Lynn to send those screenshots (especially if she only sent part of them), but I have to take some blame as well. I should not have sent Mya the text message to check Lynn in the first place. That helped opened another can of worms. Right now my plan of action is to host a conference call for all the bridal party members to open the doors of communication regarding the bachelorette party (besides I might tell Lynn off if we talk one-on-one). I want them to feel like they can provide suggestions, ask questions or even complain without it being an issue. I will act so sugary sweet and nice even if it kills me. I will fact it ‘til I make it (or die trying).

Ultimately I don’t want Mya to have any more stress from the bachelorette party. She already has enough going on with the wedding and regular life. About three months remain until the big event. Ideally it should go smoothly after the conference call. At the very least I hope no one sets me off and starts Part II of my cussing spree. I’m simply ready for my party planning woes to be over.

THE END (for now)

Has planning an event every gave you this much of a headache? This is almost at Reunion Gate (the family reunion from Hell) levels. Did I ever post about Reunion Gate? No? Next time!

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