Saturday, December 26, 2015

Challenge Accepted

It's almost a new year, 2016, which means people every where are reflecting on the past and planning for the future. One of the things I neglected to do in 2015 was actually post regularly on this blog. Sadly that goal was a colossal failure.

My homegirl, the fantastic Cee,  wrote 25 Christmas-related posts to get into the holiday and blogging spirit. I enjoyed each post and  begged and pleaded with her to continue through this last week of the year. She declined and instead challenged me to write instead. No was my initial response. I barely wrote once a month. How could anyone expect or believe I would make seven straight days? 

But then I started thinking about a theme for 2016. I decided my New Year Theme is Challenge Accepted! I plan on pushing myself this upcoming year to accept every challenge (within reason of course). I start grad school Jan. 7 which will definitely bring on challenges. I'm hitting the gym and want to go at least twice a week - another challenge. And I'm also challenging myself to read more than just historical romance novels. So what's one more challenge in the mix? If nothing else this will help me as I challenge myself to be a better writer.

So dear readers, Cee especially, I want you to know challenge accepted. My last seven posts of 2015 start today. Check back daily for random rantings from yours truly (with a bit of a holiday angle).

What challenges are you looking forward to or dreading for 2016?


  1. Yayyyy:) I'm glad you accepted her challenge. I really do enjoy reading the blogs of people I know. Congratulations on starting grad school!

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