Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chronicles of Life … R&B music appreciation 101

Just a few of my random thoughts on some R&B songs on the ipod … There is a choreographer inside of me just waiting to get out. I have choreographed two songs from the Sasha Fierce album, “Radio,” the hip hop dance, and “Sweet Dreams,” the modern dance. Choreography is for three and up to five people. The problem is the moves are only inside my head. However, I did freestyle a Michael Jackson tribute to “Beat It.” It put a smile of my friends’ faces. Although, I think they were laughing at me, not with me … Whitney Houston is back. Granted, I wasn’t really feeling “I look to you,” but I do like “Million Dollar Bill.” My only question is can she still sing live? The juror’s out on that one … I have mixed emotions about the “Sweet Dreams” video by Beyonce. I didn’t really like it at first. It doesn’t make sense. Then again when do dreams ever make sense? I think I just wanted more choreography and less randomness. She should have used my choreography … Sometimes I think I could be a music video director. There are two songs on Chrisette Michele’s new album “Epiphany” that I have created videos for (in my mind), “Notebook” and “All I ever think about is you.” Chrisette, have your people call my people. … Speaking of Chrisette Michele’s album, LUVS IT. Absolutely luvs it! I can listen to that bad boy all the way through. Very few albums (Ryan Leslie’s debut album, Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce and John Legend’s Revolver) even get that distinction. The first time I heard Epiphany, I wasn’t interested. Then I actually opened my ears and was blown away. Sometimes albums have to grow on me … Dear Mario, why are you asking a stupid question in your song? Of course a woman would want to break up if you’re cheating on her. *Side note: For those that don’t know, Mario has a new song called “Break up” and it asks over and over, “When I’m loving you, why would you want to break up?” However, he blatantly talks about how he cheats in the verses. This is a no brainer.* Don’t ask stupid questions when you already know the answer. Signed Toni … At nearly 25 years of age, I am still not mature enough to listen to R. Kelly’s new song “Number One” which features Miss Keri, Baby. It’s just too much for me. Somebody will be conceived because of that song … Keri Hilson is everywhere, like on every song. I didn’t really like her at first, but she has indeed grown on me. The girl has nice chops … Drizzy aka Drake aka Wheelchair Jimmy has also grown on me. I heard a song he did over Goapele’s “Closer” and had to give him props … I am happily single, but sometimes certain songs make me want to be in a relationship so I can sing all the lovey dovey kiss kiss foolishness. But wait it gets better. Other songs make me want to have a bad break up so I can relate to the heart break hotel sadness. I just can’t relate either way it goes … Dear Mary J. Blige, I love the new song “The one.” Keep it up. Signed Toni … I love songs that touch my soul, not because of the lyrics or the voice but because of the music. Examples include “Irina” by Ryan Leslie, “T.O.N.Y.” by Solange and “Trust” by Keyshia Cole feat. Monica.

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