Monday, January 2, 2012

52 weeks of memories: week 8

I concluded my dry run of 52 weeks of memories with a New Year’s Eve party/bday celebration at la casa in Lake City. The evening began with dinner at Red Lobsters, granted about an hour later than planned. I left my parents’ house about three hours behind schedule. We love some cheddar bay biscuits in my crew. We laughed and joked and got to know one another. Oh yeah and we ate a lot of seafood.
We continued the night’s festivities by hosting the second annual karaoke contest. Everyone got several favors (tiaras for girls and hats for guys, blow horns, leis, confetti poppers and this other thingy). Did I mention there were decorations? The decoration team, myself, the boo and his bff got the house in the festive mood. Stars, balloons, streamers and hanging objects all in red were the decorations of choice. But I digress.

We sung karaoke revolution glee vol 1. It was fantastic! I first experienced glee karaoke with the fantastic cee on one of my many visits to her neck of the woods. My roomie got it for Christmas and we tested it out. In the midst of singing was confetti being popped all over the place. It looked like New Year’s well before 12 a.m. hit. Each of the participants received little gold trophies in categories such as best dance performance, party starter or best impromptu performance.

Just before the clock struck 12 I made a toast (I’m on a 24 hour champagne diet) and then we let the few confetti poppers burst and shot fireworks outside.

Best New Year’s party ever!

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