Wednesday, January 25, 2012

52 weeks of Memories: Weeks 1.2., 2.2. and 3.2

I haven’t written about my memories in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean they were non-existent. The start of January means my dry run on this challenge is over. Now it’s time to really play the game and make some memories.

It was all about experiencing a new restaurant Week 1.2. My play cousin suggested the LCR lunch crew and I have lunch at this fairly new restaurant called Ray’s. They had corn nuggets. Sweet. Delicious. Corn nuggets. I was instantly a fan. Ray’s kind of reminds us of our former favorite lunch spot McAlister’s. Sadly the local store closed. Ray’s however is a nice substitute. I was getting tired of Moe’s and Yum’s, our other two regular spots. We ate lunch at Ray’s on a Wednesday and again on Friday. I plan on taking my shero, the chief of police, to lunch sometime soon. I’m suggesting we go to Ray’s.

The perks of having a new job is getting to experience new professional development opportunities. For Week 2.2 I went to the leadership conference for my organization in Tallahassee. It was great getting to meet other program staffers and learning about their daily trials and tribulations. I also had the opportunity to visit the Capitol and talk to several legislators. One of them I used to interview all the time for the paper. One of my good friends also lives in Tally and came to visit. I had my own spacious hotel room. The trip would have been perfect if it weren’t for the fact I was in intense pain!

This brings me to Week 3.2. Unfortunately I got an abscess on my upper butt, probably from sleeping on the floor and cleaning my parents’ garage during Christmas break. I went to the doctor the Friday of Week 2.2, and she gave me a shot in the hip. I was put on bed rest because sitting was out of the question and had to take an antibiotic. By Sunday the abscess had greatly improved and it popped on its own that evening (yay for removal showerheads). Monday I got another shot and remained home until Thursday. The healing process is going to take a while because of the location. At least she didn’t have to lance it open. I watched YouTube videos of the process and it looked extremely painful.

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