Saturday, January 14, 2012

the apple remedy

Apples are the best remedy.
We’ve all heard the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It wasn’t until recently I learned how true it is. A pain in the behind medical condition, literally and figuratively, forced me to see the doctor last week. I was told to come to the appointment fasting because blood work might be required. Bright and early Friday I made my way to the doctor who checked my symptoms and made a diagnosis. Unfortunately I also got a shot in my hip. Thankfully I was given an oral prescription for the rest of the antibiotic (at least until Monday when I have to get another shot).

I dropped off my prescription at Walmart, and because it hurt extremely bad to walk or sit I went to lie in my car until it was ready. An hour later I got up and was in the middle of the street heading to the store when a myriad of symptoms hit me. It was freezing outside, but I was drenched in sweat. My head was aching and vision was blurry. I felt like I wanted to vomit and pass out. I leaned against some carts and contemplated trying to reach my car, but it seemed so far away. Then I stumbled over to the side of the building, still feeling as if the Death Angel was hovering over me.
By this point I was praying, singing hymns and quoting scriptures. I was calling on Jesus like nobody’s business. My first thought was to get into the store and grab a small bottle of orange juice to drink and bring my sugar levels back up. Unfortunately the drink aisle is at the end of the store. I would never make it without passing out. That’s all I needed, to pass out in the middle of a crowded Walmart and end up at the hospital. It would be front page news. Lake City is a small town, and Heaven forbid it’s a slow news day. I was determined to NOT be the headlines on Saturday.
I somehow stumbled into the store and grabbed a cart to lean on for support. That’s when I saw the produce section and thought, “Lord if I could just touch the bottom of the apple crate, I know I’ll be made whole.” I pressed my way to the apples with sweat coming down my face and prayers going up to the Lord. I got a bag of Granny Smith apples and with trembling hands opened it up and took one out. Normally I don’t condone this kind of behavior but it was an emergency. I grabbed a tissue from my purse, wiped the apple off and took a discrete little bite. Instantly I felt the sweat drying up. I could see a little better and didn’t feel so dizzy. I started taking bigger bites of the apple and felt so much better after it was gone. That apple gave me enough of a boost to make it to the McDonalds in the back of the store.
I didn’t get my prescription at Walmart (they were out), but there are two bags of apples sitting in my refrigerator right now (yes, I bought the one I ate out of). I think I got sick because I took medicine on an empty stomach, although this particular prescription actually requires you take it one hour before eating or two or three hours after. Instead of just eating one apple a day, I’m going for two. You never know when you might need to combat a potential doctor’s visit.
*Side note: I had Walmart transfer the prescription to CVS since they were out until Monday. Do you know CVS didn’t have it either? Le sigh! But my fabulous rommie, Katie, did pick up the three-day supply CVS had available. And I have ibuprofen which works wonders.

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