Wednesday, May 23, 2012

for want of a cast

I have a confession. Growing up I always wanted a cast on my arm and underarm crutches. Don't laugh. Those two things were the epitome of cool in my opinion as a child. The ugly green-eyed monster would rear its head every time I saw someone who was lucky enough to get them. "Why couldn't it be me?" I wondered. I was, and still am, very clumsy. Yet I managed to never really hurt myself (until adulthood). I thought I would be the happiest girl in the world with a cast or crutches. Both just had so much fun to offer in my mind.

I dreamed of days filled with merriment if I had a cast. All my friends would get to write cool messages and sign it. I could stick pencils, pens and other nifty things down the cast to scratch my arm when it got itchy. What's not to love about that? And don't get me started on the wonders of crutches. There was just something about having to support my weight on two stick-like objects that equally appealed to my childhood wonderment. With crutches I would get to be the first in line for everything. Someone would get to help me to and from class. It would just be amazing.

Of course I never really thought about what it would take to get either one - pain. Lots of pain. I know the saying is "no pain, no gain." But I don't like pain. At. All. I barely can contain myself from crying when I get my finger pricked to test my iron before donating blood. Casts typically mean something is broken. Breaks hurt. Really. Really. Bad. And having to walk with crutches would probably get old soon. I only have so much upper body strength.

I now realize how fortunate I've been to not experience either devices (as of yet for I am clumsy). However, I thought I was finally going to fulfill my dream when I broke my foot a few years ago. All I got was a stupid medical boot. Nobody signs a boot. I was highly disappointed. I just knew the doctor was going to give me a cast at last. Maybe even crutches. He shattered my dreams like a bone in my foot. I built my hopes up again when I sprained my ankle. Crutches would be just what the doctor ordered I thought. It was another false alarm. She simply wrapped it up in an ace band aid.

Boots suck!
I give up and guess I'll just have to live vicariously through my little brother. He hurt his knee playing basketball and got a pair of crutches Tuesday. Casa de la Robinson is actually filled with several injuries these days. My daddy is wearing a boot due to a foot injury. But if my mother hurts something and gets a cast I am too through. Maybe I'll join them ... with a band aid. No pain please.

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  1. lol! That is hilarious. No one signs a boot. You should've pulled a Michael Jackson. Remember when he wore the black dress pants, low v-neck white undershirt and cast on his forearm? You could've done that. You could've had people sign it and everything...without the pain associated with it.

    "Where would I get a cast from, Chap?"

    Well I'm glad you asked. Ace bandage that bad-boy up, then make a homemade plaster consisting of flour and water. Rub it on, let it dry, and BAM! Cast.

    You're welcome. :)