Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Appreciation week

OK boys and girls, let’s all play the imagination game. Everyone close your eyes and prepare for a few mental images. First imagine a world without teachers. Ignorance is the norm as students walk around with empty minds. Next imagine a world with no nurses. Patients have no one to provide constant day-to-day care or an understanding of their ailment. Finally imagine a world without police officers. Citizens have to survive in an unsafe environment where lawlessness reigns supreme. Did anyone like those situations described? Absolutely not!

The month of May is filled with appreciation for several groups of important people. May 6-12 marks Teacher Appreciation and Nurse Appreciation Week, followed by National Police Week May 13-19. In honor of these three groups of wonderful workers here are stories of a few of my favorite individuals.

I’m always sick with some known and unknown affliction. Half the time I hate going to the doctor. When I did go to my former doctor I always felt confused about what was wrong with me. Good thing I have a nurse on speed dial. Yes, my amiga, Catrice, is my favorite nurse ever. She’s caring, compassionate and kind – the quintessential nurse. Not only does she help with my physical ailments, she even listens to my mental issues. If you’re at St. Vincent’s in Jacksonville, look for Catrice.

I have several favorites – my fourth grade teacher Ms. Brown, my chorus teacher Ms. Witherspoon and my first grade teacher Ms. Williams. They all encouraged me as a budding young writer. My roommate Katie is the coolest teacher ever. But my number one favorite is my high school English/journalism teacher Mr. Knight. He helped shape me into a fabulous reporter. Everything I needed to know about journalism I first learned in his class.

Police Officers
How do I love the Lake City Chief of Police? Let me count the ways. I was enthralled from the moment I met her. She is so poised, so dignified and so amazingly awesome. The chief is my shero, and I am the president of her fan club (Katie is VP).  I have a special song just for her (Breakfast with the chief). Sometimes I wonder if people only liked me because I worked at the paper. The chief genuinely likes me because I’m me. How do I know? We have lunch together (and she said I was her favorite reporter). If you say anything bad about the chief I will punch you in the throat.

To all the wonderful teachers, nurses and officers out there, I salute you! I couldn’t do your jobs (because the attitudes of patients, students and citizens would make me punch a person). But I appreciate you for being able to do so. Next time you see one of these individuals, give them a hug, hi-five or something.

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