Sunday, December 23, 2012

I can't be bothered Pt. 2

My generation does not know how to date anymore. Text messages have replaced meaningful conversations. I don't know who thought that was a good idea. It is the absolute worse concept ever, yet none of the young (and old) people of today seem to understand that.

Remember the dude who lacked a direct approach?  I thought I was done with him. Despite the fact we had a nice date I wasn't getting from him what I needed. All he ever did was text me. No phone calls. No letters. Nothing. I utterly hate text messages from dudes who have a so called interest in me. If you want to connect then call.

I tried calling him a few times myself, but he didn't answer. And how did he acknowledge my calls? By sending a text message. After three calls I was done with calling him. Eventually I sent a message (since the phone was out) saying that I don't like communicating via text message. Calls are my preferred method of communication. He kept right on texting anyway. And I stopped responding. It wasn't like he was sending long, in depth text messages. They basically read, "Good morning. Hope your day is great." I could have had a V8 for what that was worth.

But of course they ( always come back. The other day he sent me a text message, of course, saying  "Just curious as to what I may have said/done wrong. Or was it you were just not interested in trying to reconnect? Or maybe you're already dating someone. I don't know so clue a brotha in." Originally I was going to say I can't be bothered, but instead my response was, "Short answers are for text messages. Long answers are for phone calls. So if you really want to know call." Well lo and behold he called, but I missed it and had to call him back.
Ultimately I gave him the extended short version of how I felt because I was not at a place emotionally to give the long version. I was driving, it was rainy and I just couldn't be bothered. What I did say was enough to get the point across. "Texting is the minimal amount of effort you can put into getting to know a person,and I feel I'm worth more than that."

There are plenty of women and girls out there willing to put up with constant text messages from some man or boy. I am not one of them. I can't be bothered. My homefry Cee said it best with we were at an impasse for what we wanted. At the end of the day I'll simply pass.

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