Monday, December 3, 2012

Still the last to know

It's happening again. Someone in the family is in a serious condition and no one bothers to tell me until DAYS later. I've said it before, I'm always the last to know when it comes to family matters.

One of my favorite aunts (I know it's not right to have favorites, but I do) went into the hospital Thursday, From what I understand she wouldn't have been here had she delayed going to the ER that day. When did I find this out? Saturday evening. Mind you my daddy was there with her at the hospital. My mom was actually the one who texted me to ask if I knew that my aunt was in the hospital.

While talking to my aunt today she mentioned, what I call the family's favorite excuse. They didn't want me to get upset about it. In most cases I would be calm if someone would just bother to tell me when an issue first happens. By keeping things from me I get quite upset when I finally find out. They create the hysterics by trying to avoid them.

This is just adding another layer of resentment toward my family about not telling me things. It still hurts that I didn't get to see my maternal grandma once more before she died. No one bothered to tell me she was in hospice. Instead I found out from a random source. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes I wonder if living in the same city as my family would keep me in the know about things. It's like I'm being punished for branching out and moving away. I don't think its asking too much to be kept in the loop about close relatives. We have a big family, but if my parents, brother, grandmother or favorite aunt are dying or in the hospital, someone should tell me immediately.

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