Friday, June 14, 2013

Give Dad his due

Is it just me or do good dads not really seem to get the love and respect they deserve on Father’s Day? Take for instance the cards available for the occasion. Father’s Day cards are a joke compared to Mother’s Day. Most seem to be filled with back-handed compliments, undercover insults or are just plain rude. Fathers are often portrayed as lazy, henpecked or worse in those cards. If I see one more card saying, “Dad here’s your day to do absolutely nothing and not get in trouble with Mom!” I am going to call Hallmark and give them a piece of my mind.

Perhaps all of the card makers are jaded by their fathers. I’m a daddy’s girl through and through (and you should have seen me with my granddaddy). There are those who say I think his mouth is a prayer book and a Bible. I just happen to love my daddy, who is a great father, very much. We constantly hear about bad ones; yet, on the occasion to honor those who are amazing. we get peanuts to work with. If I were a bit more arts and craftsy I would just make my own cards. I might just bust out the construction paper and macaroni next year to make a card (or a hot mess).

And don’t even get me started on the gift suggestions for dear old Dad. It’s always the same boring things. Newsflash: He does NOT want socks, lawn tools or one of those crappy ties. Maybe your dad does want all of that, but please avoid giving him that same gift every year. Typically I try to find something that aligns with my dad’s interests (because he never tells me what he wants). Or I get a good suggestion from my brother.

It just seems to me companies often use all their creativity when thinking about Mom and get lazy when it comes to Dad. How would they feel if they always received lamed gifts and insulting cards?

Father’s Day is this weekend. Make sure if you have a super amazing dad to give him an awesome gift and card. It’s his day and he deserves the best.

What great gifts have you gotten your dad? How do you pick a Father’s Day card?

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