Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The definitive reunion

“Reunited and it feels so good!” Peaches and Herb were on to something with that song. It does indeed feel good to be reunited as I discovered during my class reunion last week.

Remember all those worries I had beforehand such as not having a reunion buddy? All of them instantly disappeared once I walked into the first event and starting talking to my fellow classmates. Everyone was my buddy. It’s almost as if we never separated. And the cool kids did talk to me because we all were cool.

Even my little mishap of knocking over the entire photo area at the Happy Hour couldn’t bring me down. Granted it did make me wonder if I was that clumsy in high school. At any rate I’m 90 percent certain nobody knew it was me who did it. The photo area was inside and everyone else was outside. For the record someone else knocked it over later that evening. But I digress.

We fit in a happy hour, two after parties, cookout, banquet and community service project all in the span of three days. I also snuck in a trip to the Wellborn Blueberry Festival with my parents. It made me fashionably late to the cookout, but I arrived in time enough to dance the Wobble with a rib in my hand (it was that good). Right now I’m still riding a high from a weekend of EPIC proportions. It would take me a packed lunch to tell it all. Just know the class officers planned a great reunion. This has set the standard for every reunion I shall every attend (family included).

I came to the class reunion not knowing what to expect. My only goals were to reconnect and have fun. It well exceeded anything I could have anticipated. The general consensus among most of my classmates is we can’t wait another 10 years to get together. Hopefully there is another mini reunion in five years. I definitely plan to show my face in the place.

I would encourage everyone who’s missed a class reunion to make plans to attend one ASAP. You might be surprised by how enjoyable the event will be.

Who’s signing up for their next class reunion?

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