Saturday, June 22, 2013

the PK plight

Sometimes I feel like people assume because my dad is a pastor they can just recruit me for all things church related without advanced notice, proper preparation or training. They think I know how to do most things church-related. Sure I grew up in the church, but I wasn’t really involved in all the behind the scenes inner workings. I joined a church in January, and since then they have had me doing this that and the other.

Take for instance how I got roped into teaching Sunday School. I had just started attending Sunday School myself before being asked to help out in a class. I took help out to mean that I make sure the teacher doesn’t beat the children or someone doesn’t poke an eye out. The first time that was the case. The second time I actually taught them the Sunday School lesson. Good thing I read the book beforehand. I’m pretty sure I needed to undergo some type of training before taking on teaching the class.

These days I’m a little more at ease with Sunday School class and can help out in a pinch. But helping out with Vacation Bible School came completely out of the blue at me. I haven’t been to VBS in years and went the first time last week. Literally I showed up to the adult class one day and 15 minutes into the lesson was asked to help with the preschoolers. Had I received advance notice (of at least a week), I could have probably put together a decent curriculum that kept the children from driving me crazy.

I probably should say know when asked to do something I feel unprepared to handle. But I don’t for some reason. Part of it is I have a hard time saying no when it comes to working for the Lord. Perhaps I’m bad at saying no period. And there is the simple fact that my dad is fairly known in our church circle. I don’t want to cast a negative light on him. The last thing he needs to hear is his daughter is a heathen who wants to just be a church benchwarmer (someone has to be in the pews).

So far there hasn’t been too much I can’t handle. But if something should come up that is beyond my skill set I will definitely speak up. At least that’s the plan.

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