Monday, January 5, 2015

cooking habit

You've surely noticed by now that I am following a writing theme this month. Each post has been about a habit I am working on. Habits are so much better to think about than goals for me. So seeing this as the topic for January NaBloPoMo was awesome. It's giving me an opportunity to really think about my habits. But I digress.

Today's habit is cooking. I hate to cook. I love to eat, but the effort of getting there annoys me. It is my heart's desire to one day be rich enough just so I can employ a personal chef. Cooking soothes some people. It causes stress in my life. I already have enough stress, and don't need to add on to it. Mainly it's because I'm not that great at cooking. I have no desire to be Betty Crocker and it reflects in my cooking. Sure there are some things I do really well - cranberry sauce, oven fried chicken, banana bread - but most of what I cook sucks. So I don't do it that often.

This year I am trying to change that and get into the habit of cooking at least a few times a week. It's healthier and cheaper than going out to eat all the time. Tonight I made pizza biscuits. It was fairly simply to throw together. I tend to look for recipes with less than five ingredients that can be made either in the crock pot, or in the oven in 30 minutes or less. The pizza biscuits fit the criteria perfectly.

Here's what I did: I baked the biscuits (yes, canned ones) for 10 minutes, opened them and put Alfredo sauce (about a 1/4 a cup to cover four), three turkey pepperoni and a piece of kale on one half and mozzarella  and two turkey pepperoni on the other. I returned them to the oven for another seven minutes and voila, dinner was served.

On Wednesday I'll make something in the crock pot. I think it will be my specialty - chicken and vegetable stew. My cooking habit is already off to a good start.