Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sick habit

I was supposed to post this Monday but life happened - mainly I was wallowing in self pity.

I used to be a very sickly person. It was mainly due to allergies. As a child if my parents had the air running the next day would see me with a sore throat. Whenever the seasons changed I would get sick with a cold, sinus infection or even bronchitis. Airplane rides  always made me sick.

It would probably be accurate to say being sick was a habit for me. Friends knew to expect me with tissue in hand at all times. I was never sick for long - a few days in most cases - but I was always sick it seemed. Being sick was just a state of being for me.

One day I decided to change my situation and get somewhat healthier. I started taking vitamin C in 2013 and have slowly but surely gotten much better. Gone are the things of the weather making me sick. I don't have to haul tissue around as an accessory all the time anymore.

The only problem now is when I do get sick, it lasts for days or turns out to be something major. Such is the case now. I've been going to the doctor and getting tests done since October because of some results. Most of these visits have been pain free. At least that was the case until the visit on last Monday. Whatever procedure the doctor did has left me feeling terrible. And the follow up CAT scan wasn't much better.

Now I'm in pain and discomfort all day and there is now another issue that is going to require more testing at the least. I was fine until my appointment but now just two days before I leave in a cruise I not only hear disturbing news but have to deal with unexpected pain.

It's like my sick habit had returned with revenge.

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