Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bible habits

Reading the entire Bible is a habit I have attempted several times now. I have yet to read all the way through. I always start off strong at the beginning of the year, but then somehow it gets pushed to the side. Each year my dad reads the Bible all the way through via a different translation. One day I'll get like him.

I blame the devil. Well mainly it's due to laziness and a lack of dedication on my part. Sure some of the books are a lot drier than others as far as reading goes (I'm looking at you Corinthians). That's no excuse to just stop and let the reading fall by the wayside.

This year, I am determined to finish reading the entire Bible. I'm going to do it! I just bought The Message Bible for my Kindle. I used to read this translation online, but I felt like I needed to actually own it. The Message Bible is one of my favorite translations because it is easy to comprehend. Sometimes the wording cracks me up, because it really brings a verse alive. King James is just not for me. New King James isn't much better.

 Today is the day I kickoff the reading, mainly because my plan is based on days not dates. I'm starting where I left off last year (Jeremiah). Once I finish, I am going to try a different Bible Reading plan. The one I have is just straight through. I am motivated to form this habit.

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