Sunday, January 11, 2015

music habit

I love listening to music. Love, love, love it! My focus will seem off if I don't have music playing softly in the background at work. I also must have music at home, while I'm in the shower, cleaning and so on. And of course I have the music going on in the car. Music is playing even as I type this post.

Typically I like a mix of old school R&B and gospel music. There are times I will mix in some new R&B, pop music and even a bit of hip hop.

Usually I just listen to the music, but occasionally I will sing to my heart's delight. I totally sound like Beyonce (if she couldn't sing).

I have a stash of CDs as well as music on my iPhone, but Spotify is what I regularly use to listen to. Before that it was iHeart Radio. I think I like play lists better than radio stations. The radio will play the same seven songs 11 times. That's not so bad if it's a song I love. But imagine the torture if it's a song you despise.

I truly believe music helps the world go round and round (no Tevin Campbell).

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