Thursday, January 1, 2015

Back in the habit

In 2014 I took a break from writing. I didn't write in my journal (the horror), on my much neglected blog or even on Facebook.
It's time to remedy my sabbatical from writing. At the very least, I plan on journaling again.
There wasn't just one thing that made me stop writing, but I don't plan on making excuses in 2015.
Let's just say last year was the worse ever. The absolute worse.
I am hopefully optimistic that this year will be the best ever.
For the next month I plan on posting regularly to help me get back into the habit of writing.
Who would have imagined I could lose my zeal for writing? Sadly  it happened, but out with the old in with the new.


  1. Welcome to 2015! The worst times ever are OK, if you learned something...and you are open to better times ahead:) I like reading your blog....keep at it:) Or journal, just write!

    1. Thanks Sabrina! You're always so encouraging!