Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The point of all annoyance

My irritable personality syndrome is flaring up again. Little things are starting to set me on edge. It’s not so much with everyone, but a few select people. Don’t blame PMS. There’s just something in my nature that makes me lose patience easily about minor things. A friend texted me during my time of sustained silent reading Tuesday. I might have possibly overacted. The text transcript, with my thoughts, is as follows:

“Real Gs move in silence like lasagna…” he wrote

“What?” I replied.

“It’s true. The modern day philosopher Weezy F, please say the baby, hath decreed it.”

Now was it really that important to send me this text message at 9:13 p.m. in the first place? We are not cool like that.

“OK and on that note I return to reading.”

At this point he should have left me alone, but no. Clearly he was asking for my wrath.

“Oh what you getting into?”

“A book.”

Didn’t I just say this a few seconds ago?

“Don’t be coy. What book?”

I was not being coy. I was being curt so he would get the message to leave me be. That didn’t help so I had to get rude.


“Why do you always make things difficult? For once can you be friendly without catching an attitude? You never talk to (our other friends) like this. What’s your problem with me?”

“I would like to read in peace.”

“Go ahead and read, friend.”

My problem with him is he couldn’t seem to understand I was reading. Don’t try to engage me in a conversation. Other friends don’t do stupid things to irritate me; therefore they don’t get an attitude.

Typing in all caps probably wasn’t the nicest way to handle this, but when I reach my annoyance boiling point there is no telling what will happen. I am sorry for my snippiness. I do need to stop. I have since asked God to help me have the same amount of patience with others that he would have with me. It’s only fair. Patience is a virtue I desire. It would just be so much easier if people didn’t annoy me.

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