Thursday, March 31, 2011

The END!

Well folks, it’s been real. All good things must come to an end. I’m done with the daily posting. The beginning of April completes my dry run of National Blog Posting Month. It’s been an interesting experience. I started a day late at the urgings of Cee but kept it up. I thought this would be a hard challenge to undertake but really got into it. Several times I posted after midnight, thus dating the entry for the next day. Also I skipped a few days for no real reason other than laziness.

Initially it seemed creating daily topics would be the hard part. Apparently my head is filled with random writing material. I also set a limit of how much to write. Using only about 365 words wasn’t always an easy task. There was so much more of my colorful commentary I wanted to incorporate. I felt some posts lacked my certain style due to the length. However, the limit also kept me from rambling. I got to the point quicker. There is hope for my quest to be a columnista after all.

I hope my fan club of four enjoyed my posts during this time. Every post was not award worthy, but I did enjoy writing each one. My favorites were “A lesson in limericks,” “Name that identity” and “The mum of all fears.”

The officially National Blog Post Month is November. I plan to participate and step-up my game a notch. The goal is to continue to stick with a word limit. Perhaps it will increase to 365-500. Also I want to post earlier. No more 11:59 p.m. postings. Blogger marks it as 12:00 a.m. by the time it uploads. And maybe, just maybe, I will write about something other than me. Then again this isn’t called the Antonia Chronicles just for kicks and giggles.

Posts will come a lot less frequently now, but don’t fret. I will write at least twice a week: One for Writing Wednesday and another random day. I still have a few topics my muse is ready to unleash. Inspiration is often loss if I delay writing. For now my journey in writing for NaBloPoMo is complete.

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