Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cleaning lady

It’s bad when your room gets so messy you can’t take it anymore. Starting today my Saturdays will be dedicated to cleaning my room. It’s been a bona fide mess for the past two weeks. Most people are familiar with the phrase, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Right about now the devil and I are best friends if my room is any indicator.

I have a tendency to let things pile up. Laundry in one corner. That bookshelf I need to assemble in the other. Trash scattered throughout. Sometimes disorganization sets in and rules supreme. I often have this same issue with my work desk. Clutter starts to spread like a deadly virus. Then suddenly I realize I can’t see the bottom of it anymore. That’s when it’s time for the cleaning lady to step in.

Initially my goal was to clean my room earlier in the week. I put together a to-do list and that was in the top three along with cooking and washing clothes. Alas and alack, the demanding hours of my profession, not to mention good old fashion laziness, kept me from getting anything done. I just washed clothes this morning. Lunch might happen by tomorrow. But by golly I am going to clean my entire room today.

There isn’t that much work to actually do in the grand scheme of things. Clean the dresser, organize the top of the book chest, hang up clothes, make the bed and voila, I’m done. Often I lack motivation to clean my room. It’s one of my least favorite activities, along with cooking, washing dishes and putting away laundry. What happened to those robots of the Jetson’s era? Shouldn’t there be a model available to clean my room for me? No? OK, guess it’s just me.

Maybe if I start cleaning my room in sections throughout the week it won’t seem like such a massive task. And playing music soothes me while cooking. I can perhaps start doing that during my cleaning sessions. The ultimate goal is to not let my room be such a mess every week. Every two weeks should be manageable. Then the cleaning lady can make a very brief appearance.

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