Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pursuit of happiness

“All I really want is to be happy and to find a love that's mine. It would be so sweet.” Mary J. Blige sung of happiness regarding a relationship. For me happiness relates to my career choices. My particular industry has never been known for the reasonable hours, large paychecks or praise and admiration. Some would say it downright sucks. That didn’t stop me one bit. Sure there are long hours, I get paid peanuts and most days are thankless. But I had passion for my job. It made me happy. Nothing could take that away.

Much to my parents’ chagrin I spent four years in college getting a degree in a field that makes no money. They wanted me to go to law school, get a master’s degree or do something more with life. I like observing court cases not being an active participant. School was hard enough the first go round, I couldn’t take any more. And I do something more with my life every day as a writer.

Now with any job there comes moments of frustration, self-doubt or lack of motivation. I’ve learned to not go to my parents looking for a boost. Their responses tend to be along the lines of, “We told you not to go into that field. Why don’t you teach school? Merrill Lynch is hiring.” Whatever happened to saying “It will be OK,” or “Keep pressing on and doing what you love?” So much for encouragement from them.

Personally, I can’t just do any and everything. There’s a little thing called happiness heavily involved. I must be happy. That wouldn’t be the case as a teacher. I don’t like large groups of students. There isn’t enough vacation time or money in the world to change that. I would suffocate to death in a cubicle. I can’t stand being in an office all day. I need to get out and about talking to and interviewing people. Granted what I do might not be the best job to some – OK most – people, but there is something special about it. It makes me happy (for the most part). That’s all anyone wants in a job (and to make money).

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