Saturday, November 3, 2012

A fair account

Yay for the fair!
The fair is in town this week! That can only mean one thing, or three – corn dogs, funnel cake and frozen lemonade galore. Last year was the first time I actually had the opportunity to simply enjoy the fair. During my reporting days I always had to cover it. Every day was spent at the fair writing about some angle. Then I switched jobs and participated in the fair fun. A couple of friends and I hit up the rides until our hearts were content. This was of course followed by a feast of fair food. I felt like a kid again enjoying all the fun.

Today I worked a shift at the exhibitors’ hall for the job. It featured booths from local political candidates, businesses and community organizations. Unfortunately the hall was located in a metal building with no kind of air. In a normal place that wouldn't be a bad thing. In fact most people would worry about the cold. The problem is I live in Florida. It was at least 200 degrees outside. OK I kid, but it was pretty hot. Initially I thought I was just having early onset menopause. Then I noticed all the other people sweating around me. Several booths came prepared with fans to pass out.

After my shift I walked around the fairgrounds the see the layout. The plan is to come back next week with some friends and enjoy the rides again. At least it was until I got a good look at the rides in daylight. Those rides look completely unsafe. I can't believe I risked my life last year riding on those things. Some looked like a good wind would knock them right over. For the love of elephant ears, I will not ride anything at the fair – during daylight hours. It's more fun to visit the fair at night anyway.

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